He’s either crazy or stupid. That’s the only way to explain Garrett McNamara’s decision to tackle a freak 78-foot wave last November you can see in the video above. Original reports pegged the wave at 90 feet, but Guinness certified it this week at 78 feet, a mere 50 centimeters bigger than the previous record holder. The record-breaking ride occurred in Nazare, Portugal, and has to be seen to be believed. As he surfs the wave, McNamara looks like a small GI Joe figurine gliding through a wall of water. The tryst lasted all of 30 seconds, but the bragging rights will last forever.

Surfer Ken Bradshaw calls this huge ride, “Biggest Wednesday,” and it occurred in 1998 on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The only video above of the radical ride was taken from shore and is a bit grainy. Still, it’s impressive to see Bradshaw dart with ease through this 85-foot wave. I don’t understand why Guiness doesn’t consider this the biggest wave ever?

The fact that this wave occurred at a deepwater reef referred to as “Jaws” should indicate the level of the danger involved in this performance. Surfer Mike Parsons rode the 64-foot wave during a 2001 competition on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii. A helicopter hovered overhead, catching every second of the gnarly ride. I think this video is the best of the three posted here for showing you what a really big wave looks like.

You can see two more big surfing waves here .

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