After writing about the effects of thinking positive on my tennis game the other day (September 22nd), I was amused by an article ( Russell Bishop, Executive Coach, and Performance Improvement Consultant that refined the concept of how to improve your performance. Below are some excerpts that express the author’s specific point of view:

My experience has shown me that no matter where you are, what you have endured, or what your current level of circumstance, you can almost always do something to improve the quality of your experience, even if you can’t do much about the quantity of it…

Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

…Positive thinking alone is unlikely to change much of anything in the physical world. You can sit there and hope, pray, project, imagine, fantasize, visualize, make up great affirmations and just about any other kind of positive thinking idea you can imagine, and not much will change —at least not without actually getting involved, without taking some form of action towards what you want more of in your life… Read the rest of this entry »

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