Over three months ago, I stopped doing abs exercises and started working on push ups. I wanted to do 100 of them without breaking the push up position. I allowed myself pauses. When I began I could do 46. By the third month I was up to 50. On February 13th, I hit 54. Who’d of ever imagined that so much effort would lead to so little improvement.

But at least there is some progress. The most I ever did in my life without lifting my hands was 57. That was in Moscow in 1984, when I was on a business trip and had the time in the evenings. I was 43 years old. I know I will surpass that record. I am practicing around three times a week, in spite of extreme tiredness from other sports.

But I am determined to get there. No matter how slowly and how long it takes. Pretty silly for a guy my age. But as long as I can, as long as I have the ability to play sports and challenge myself physically, I am game…

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