Met a very attractive woman named Beth a couple of months ago who admitted gradually as we talked that she lost 28 pounds in about a year: “From 170 to 142,” she responded matter of factly. There was no excited pride or emotional celebration in describing her achievement. She was completely nonchalant, which surprised me. Acted as if anyone could do it. I think she may be too shy to ever show me a “before” picture, but these days she looks healthy, fit and stands tall.

“How did you do this?” I wondered, “and what motivated you to start?”

Her answers make it all sound so easy…

First her sister-in-law joined a WeightWatchers Program, followed the recommended menu and started losing pounds. That inspired Beth to finally change her own life. She modified her sister-in-law’s plan to suit her own needs and preferences.

Mainly she cut out all junk foods and reduced her portion sizes.

Next she began exercising at least three to four days a week, an hour each time. She limited this effort to running on a treadmill while shadowboxing simultaneously for her upper body. She demonstrated how she throws punches in the air, and I was glad that I was a few feet away.

The frequent exercise apparently reduced her desire for non-essential calories. Now when she goes out with girl friends, she simply avoids the desserts that she used to love and crave and thought she could not possibly do without.

I asked Beth to write about her life-changing accomplishment, but she thought there wasn’t much to say. It was easy, and she looks and feels great. End of story!

But we all know that giving up desserts and other taste treats while somehow making yourself exercise three or four hours a week takes major determination, time and continuous discipline. Beth may be unimpressed with her success, but I am applauding her silently every time I think of her. What is your reaction?

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