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The Truth About Getting Flat Abs—It May Be Impossible!

Here is an article a friend sent me from Singapore that suggests not only how hard it is to make a six-pack, but that it may be impossible to lose enough belly flat to reveal your abs if you don’t have the right genes—no matter how much exercise and diet you do. The article also has many other links that are useful.

By Paige Waehner,
Updated: April 3, 2009

I get many questions about getting flat abs, but one email stands out. This reader wrote: “I’ve been working on my lower belly pooch for about 2.5 years and it still won’t go away even though I have a good diet.” That email made me realize how long many of us persist with these types of goals, even in the face of failure.
Despite the facts, many people still think they can get flat abs if they do enough ab exercises. They think, if they’re not achieving that goal, they must be doing something wrong. The truth is, getting six-pack abs is hard and, if you haven’t seen yours yet, maybe it’s not what you’re doing that’s the problem.

The Myth That Wouldn’t Die

If you’ve been doing crunches forever and are wondering why you still don’t have flat abs, you’re no doubt operating under what I consider the biggest myth of weight loss: That you can do an exercise for a certain area of your body and get rid of the fat there. Read the rest of this entry »

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Easy Way To Make A Six-Pack

Here’s a good idea that shortcuts the path to my goal:

How to make a six-pack FAST!

How to make a six-pack FAST!

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Astonishing Video of Someone Flexing His Abs

Was just doing some crunches at home and looking at some of the videos already on this site for inspiration. Bumped into this amazing demonstration of a guy named Amin flexing his abs. I need to learn how to do this, so that I can make my abs more visible when I document my progress.

I don’t have the faintest idea how to flex an ab. Do you? I can do a bicep and a tricep. For an ab, I will have to stand in front of the mirror soon and figure it out. I did realize that if I want anything to show, I ought to have some top light shining down over my little nubile bumps. That will help them stand out a millimeter or two.

For now, check this out:

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Some Ab Videos and Exercises to Show You How to Grow Your Own Abs

OK. Past the limping stage for my still-sore-ankle. But I was able to do a few crunches last week with my calves on the couch and my back on the floor. I learned this from a very inspiring video:

And here is another video showing how to do a traditional crunch:

Interestingly enough, one study says there are more efficient ways to build up your abs, and normal crunches are way down on the list. Here is the link:

that claims the bicycle crunch is most effective. It looks like this:

bicycle exercise for abs

bicycle exercise for abs

While I was on my back last week resting my ankle, I did a lot of reading and found many articles that tell us how to build muscle. There are literally a few hundred million web pages about fitness and abs. Maybe you can pass on some especially good ones.

Here is one by Tom Venuto–never heard of him–that appeared in a magazine ( with the following photo. Do you want to look like this:

tom's abs

tom's abs

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