In the post about Gary Gianni, he mentioned a biking celebrity named Hans “No Way” Rey who is one of the most famous trials riders. This variant of cycling requires unbelievable control, balance, coordination and skill. It involves moving the bike over obstacles as large as mountain boulders, rooftops, and city sculptures..even riding on chains and railings or tops of fences. However the rider cannot touch either foot on the ground. Hans was a pioneer in this variant of mountain biking and has won many competitions since he was 16. Here are three videos of riders who will introduce you to an unimagined ability that is universes away from what you and I did on a bike when we were kids.

This video has been watched almost 36 MILLION times. Be sure to see the stunt around 3:10 to 3:20. Danny rides on just a front wheel as easily as just a rear wheel.

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