I’ve always admired freerunning, which is a form of urban acrobatics in which participants, known as free runners, use the city and rural landscape to perform movements through its structures. They may jump from building to building, scale walls, do flips and twists and many other amazing and death-defying maneuvers. I loved watching Jackie Chan climb up buildings in his martial arts films. Now there are thousands of kids—following in his footsteps…no make that flight steps or flight patterns. And the video above shows some free runners in TV, movies and commercials.

Free running was derived from a French activity called “parkour,” which is neither a sport nor a competition. It is the efficient movement of the body through space. But there is much confusion between the two, some say the terms are interchangeable, while others point out that free running has many spins and flips that are unnecessary though very showy or stylistic…a more creative expression of the jumper.

Check out these two exciting and admirable videos that make me want to be younger and able to fly like these free runners. The first is at a training school and beautiful to watch:

The second shows jumping from 1″ wide pole to another 1′ wide pole (at 1:57), and I just don’t grasp how this is possible…unless they missed it 20 times and included the one success in the video.

Are you ready to run and fly freely, like a human with wings?

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