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Awkward Lingo And Acupuncture

Funny to read in the December 21 post that Jason is also suffering from “tennis elbow.” My injury is from too much tennis. His is from strenuous arm wrestling. But I never heard of “arm wrestling elbow.” He is lucky that he can continue training during his inflammation.

For months now I have been advised to either have surgery or take Cortisone injections. I did neither. But I also didn’t stop playing–just cut back and learned a two-handed backhand. I did have five iontophoresis treatments, in which a medicine solution is poured on a patch that has an electric current sent through it that forces the liquid by osmosis to penetrate the skin and the muscle. Each session was about 20 minutes.

The therapist also used acupuncture at the same time for three sessions. During the second time, the muscle sort of jolted or popped or released when the needles were inserted. I don’t recall having acupuncture before. My father was a big believer in acupuncture long before it was legal in this country. He had an acupuncture doll showing where the meridians are and may have been one of the only chiropractors in the US in the 1950s who used his thumbs on the pressure points.

I wasn’t totally cured, but the discomfort is much much less. Unfortunately I have held off for months now using weights and doing push ups, so my upper body muscles have really dwindled.

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An Antidote For Tennis Elbow

After injuring my arm and shoulder, I wondered if part of my problem might be a tennis elbow. So I did a bit of online searching and found a very useful August 25th story in The New York Times written by Gretchen Reynolds (

Therma-Band still life with oranges

Therma-Band still life with oranges

The article recommends a product called a Therma-Band, which is a cylinder of rubber with ridges or indentations up and down the long side, so you can twist the thing and stretch out your wrist, forearm and elbow tendons and muscles. It feels great to me. No cure yet, but it loosens my stiffness and reduces the discomfort I feel after playing tennis and squash. Neither the orthopedist nor physical therapist had heard of it, but I bought one and recommend it totally. It’s even easy to fuss with while watching TV.

Here is what it looks like and how you use it. Hope it helps ease your aches if you have any.

how to use the therma-band

how to use the therma-band

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Injury and Laziness Set Me Back Big Time!

Haven’t been to the gym since July 30th. What the hell happened? Where is all that discipline that others are resenting (see post on August 17)? How could I go at least six times a month for two years—and eight times a month since I started this site—and give it all up so completely?

Here are my excuses. I strained so hard setting new records for chin ups and pull ups, that I hurt my shoulders, forearms and right elbow. The tennis and squash that followed probably didn’t help. But I played through the aching. I needed to stay away from the machines and weights in the gym to recuperate. However I still could have done my crunches. Yet I didn’t. After just three days of them in two weeks, I stopped.

Traveling eight days and having visitors and events at the house another four may have kept me from the gym. But crunches take less than half an hour. So there is no excuse. Just laziness.

Saw the doctor and am now wearing a tennis-elbow, velcro wrap. Read the rest of this entry »

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