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The Simplest Way To Lose Weight

This is so obvious it seems dumb. But if people get it, they don’t do it. There must be reasons why ordinary people can’t follow such reasonable and clear guidelines. It has to be that ‘reason’ is not playing the major role in directing human behavior. I am going to address this in a future post.

“As the nation’s obesity crisis continues unabated, federal regulators on Monday issued their bluntest nutrition advice to date: drink water instead of sugary drinks like soda, fill your plate with fruits and vegetables and cut down on processed foods filled with sodium, fat or sugar.

“More important, perhaps, the government told Americans, “Enjoy your food, but eat less.” Many Americans eat too many calories every day, expanding their waistlines and imperiling their health.

“…make half of your plate fruits and vegetables.

“Before, the dietary guidelines said, ‘Eat more fruits and vegetables,’ but that could mean add a slice of tomato to your hamburger…”

You can check out this entire article by Andrew Martin at this New York Times link .

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The Obamas Promote Healthy Eating and Fitness, But the President’s Abs Need Work!

Here is a view of the President’s abs. You can see he needs a lot of work:

Obama abs need work

Obama abs need work

These are excerpts from a June 16th column by Maureen Dowd in The New York Times:

…He (President Barack Obama) clearly feels strongly about nutrition and fat. The child who looks a little chubby in that famous picture of himself with his long-lost father in Hawaii grew up to be extremely careful about eating and drinking in a healthy way.

The willowy commander in chief urges out-of-shape and overweight aides to go to his Chicago trainer who now works part-time at the White House — and even offers to treat especially recalcitrant cases.

On a date night this spring with Michelle at the Georgetown restaurant Citronelle, the president showed how calorie-conscious he was when, over a three-hour meal, he managed the impossible feat of nibbling only one French fry. “He wants to stay skinny, you know?” chef Michel Richard mischievously told “Extra” afterward. Read the rest of this entry »

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