In 2003, 2006, 2008, and 2012, Matt Harding made videos of himself and others in multiple countries doing a little dance he mastered of a few repetitive steps. They went viral, garnering 18 million viewings of the second one and 44 million of the third. He became a celebrity, and you can see videos two and three below. I love ’em. Very upbeat, inspirational and even promoting good will among all peoples. Can’t we just get along and have a little more peace in the world?

Now I read about newlyweds, Larry and Abbey Plawecki, who went to six European countries on their honeymoon and danced at various sites there. They hoped to make a video their friends would look at instead of a thousand smiling, similar, boringly-posed photos with different backgrounds that few would wade through. Who cares if they were influenced by Matt’s videos. What impressed me the most is how varied their steps and movements are. I kept wondering what they would do next. And also that they look so unlikely to be so uninhibited. So much for my stereotypes!

The Plawecki’s have one piece of advice they’d like to offer: “Do it. Don’t hold back. You’re never going to see these people again. You’re not going to be embarrassed. It’s for you,” Larry said. “And now, one of my friends told me, you can look back in 35 years and be like yeah, I did a cartwheel in front of the Louvre.”

I have to confess that my original intention on this site (inspired by Matt) was to flash my growing abs as I traveled around the country and the world. But it turned out people were embarrassed to take my picture, and I was stopped at some locations from baring my chest. And then my abs stopped growing. So I did give up. But if you look at my early progress photos, you can see me at a few domestic and overseas locations.

Here is Matt’s second video that really went viral of him dancing mostly alone in 31 countries.

His third video took him to 42 countries in which he organized groups of people to dance with him. Lotsa fun to watch. And here is a great interview about how his dancing videos all got started.

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