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An Unusual Way To Cool Off When Exercising

this is a special achievement that I imagine is somewhat painful—5/10/2012

Cops busted 45-year-old Joseph Glynn Farley for cycling naked, saying Farley was a distraction to drivers. He was also creating a hazard by falling off his unicycle and into lanes of traffic. For his part, Farley says he just likes the feeling of riding without his clothes on.

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Terry Peterson Lost 30 Pounds Riding His Unicycle In His 50’s

I bumped into a video about a 54-year-old who took up unicycling four years ago, lost weight, became fit and now has over 275 videos on his web site . Terry Peterson calls himself UniGeezer, and you should see him do his extreme rides cross country, up stairs, down mountain trails. He’s a real inspiration, and the news broadcasters who interview him all agree he looks half his age.

A really good story about him was written by Tom Berg for the Orange County Register (California) in 2008:

Mountain Biking on One Wheel? Yes!

An alarm rings in most guys’ heads around age 50.

It is nature saying: You know, you won’t live forever!

Some respond with sports cars; some with trophy wives; some join the Peace Corps.

Terry Peterson?

“I said, ‘My God, I cannot button my jeans anymore!’ ” says the professional piano tuner. “It dawned on me I should start exercising.”

Running, however, was out of the question – hard on the knees. Swimming? Inconvenient. Biking? Boring.

“I mulled over the options,” says Peterson, now 52, “and they all seemed boring.”

Until he remembered a short-lived, 1960s fad he tried as a 10-year-old.

Since that day, Peterson’s waistline has shrunk from 35 to 29 inches. His weight dropped from 165 to 140 pounds. His on-line videos elicit responses like: You’re the coolest 52-year-old I’ve ever known!

And he’s virtually dropped the name “Terry.”

When people see him pass now, they point and holler: “Hey, there’s the UniGeezer!”

Pure music to his piano-tuning ears.


The UniGeezer’s uni-verse is filled with uni-spins, uni-drops and uni-fests. He founded the Uni Psychos club. And he writes uni-poetry. Guess what he rides.

Peterson is not simply in love with unicycling. He is head-over-heals, madly, obsessively, compulsively in love with unicycling; specifically mountain unicycling.

That means no low-gear for going up hill – it’s all direct drive. And no coasting going down hill – again, direct drive. It means knowing how to jump, hop and drop off rocks, roots and ruts.

It means dealing with UPDs (Un-Planned Dismounts), and carving out a line to ride over the obstacles in your path.

“It’s a lot like life,” he says.

“I try not to avoid the obstacles. I like to confront them head-on and get over them.” Read the rest of this entry »

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