A friend sent me this link to a New York Times story that shows the beauty of movement by just “average, ordinary people.” I am awed again by the secret lives,experiences and talents of those you pass by in the street so casually, even indifferently. You might think most strangers are uninteresting—and some could be. But a number of them have fascinating pasts and capabilities that you could never imagine. So as you watch this video, think about your next crowd and what potential is lurking there, totally hidden from your sight and mind. On another note, though a published story, only 650 views of the video had been clocked when I looked.

As video concepts go, it was pretty simple: hit the streets and parks of New York with a boombox playing a dance remix of your band’s song and ask passers-by of all ages, races, shapes and sizes to move to it. Film the results.

Here, then, is the newly released video for “It’s Illicit” by the rock-ish band Motive, as remixed by an Italian group called Late Guest at the Party. It was shot late last summer at nine varyingly iconic New York City locations, including St. Marks Place, Flushing Meadows Park, Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, and Coney Island in front of a wall that was later damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Ari Goldstein, the band’s manager and the conceptualizer of the video (it was directed by Mark Carrenceja), promised that apart from the band members, everyone who appears in it was an actual random person passing by.

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