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My name is Ira, and on my 68th birthday (4/09) I decided to make a six-pack. I have always been a strong believer in good health. But I disliked exercise. In June 2007, I started playing tennis and joined a gym for the first time. A shoulder injury (too many pull ups and chin ups) ended the gym sessions after two years, but I also began playing squash in the summer of 2009. I get plenty of cardio on the courts.

All the years I’d been busy making a living, I didn’t realize that millions of people were working out regularly and challenging themselves athletically after work and on weekends. I was awed with some of the accomplishments I heard about. So I started this site: to share tales by ordinary people who love recreational sports; to describe their activities, so that you can learn how to do them yourself; and to talk about health, fitness, diet and acquiring skills and attitudes that will enhance your performance and many other parts of your life.

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